Planning for a Rainy Day


I’m not sure if we’re exactly cut out for all this rainfall in Perth.

I was driving back along Canning Highway last night and I noticed the road was flooded in the Alfred Cove area. Where’s the ‘rainy day’ planning, there? Hammy Hill was fine as always, we’re on hill, after all (at least our bit) but it doesn’t take too much precip’ before our city’s storm water drains are overflowing.

I can be a bit of a weather bore, but I think it’s interesting. I used to do a bit of landscape gardening and how much water a plant needs is really a science. Rain is important (am I losing you?) Sometimes before I go out, I check the B.O.M. website to see what the radar says about incoming precip’. Sometimes you can jag a two hour window and get your jobs done.

I was back on the roof a couple of days back because Dad was sure that something was wrong up there. This is despite me last checking it 10 days ago. And although he wanted to get up there himself, his ankle’s a bit dodgy. I’d never hear the end of it if he fell off because of the ankle. So I went up there and checked the gutters – it all seemed pretty good, I was about to get down and tell him he was full of it, but then I found a dead rat at the top of one of the downpipes. Hate rats.

I cleared it away. I didn’t tell the Old Man because as much as I hate rats, I hate it when he’s right even more.



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