Lost Key

I think I’m a good person. Why do I keep losing stuff? What does it mean? I lose my phone twice a month. And now I’ve lost my keys. Well, really The Key.

The Key to the garage is missing and that means nobody can get in there. It’s Dad’s garage and basically it’s designed to be theft proof. Seriously, when they were upgrading Fort Knox they sent out a working party to check out the Old Man’s security features. If a silverfish coughs in there during the night, Dad knows all about it.

It’s mostly his tools that he’s worried about. He’s been building his collection since Whitlam was PM. It’s all the best Snap-On and Sidchrome (back in the day when Sidchrome were still good). So it’s a matter of urgency that I find this key. This is the first time I’ve ever lost this particular key and if you could get it back to me before Dad notices that it’s gone, then I’ll be a very happy man.

Here’s what it looks like….




p.s. Update: The key has been found and my bacon is saved! …the Internet is pretty amazing!

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2 Comments on “Lost Key”

  1. Nathan Says:


    Found it, but the key tag is red, not yellow

    • planetclive Says:

      And an oi to you Nathan! Let’s have a drink at the Blue Room on Wednesday the 29th…I’m fronting at the play to keep in good with my girlfriend.

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